Loyalty Pass Terms

Updated 2/14/2018

The purpose of the What's Up Texas? mobile app and What's Up? loyalty passes (for mobile wallets) is to connect individuals that love their hometown with businesses that want to reward their loyalty.  Participating businesses provide app users with a discount each and every time they present the app.

By signing up for the mobile app and (or) subscribing to receive a What's Up? loyalty pass (for your mobile wallet) you agree to receive email marketing and app notifications from What's Up Texas? on behalf of the businesses that are participating in the loyalty pass program.  In the event that you no longer wish to receive email marketing from What's Up Texas?, you may unsubscribe from our email marketing list at any time.

Businesses participating in the loyalty pass program have the right to cancel their participation at any time.  What's Up Texas? also reserves the right to cancel the loyalty pass program at any time.  In theory, this should get local businesses repeat customers as well as allowing loyal customers to save some moolah.